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Our Mitsui Onnetsuki is probably the best home therapy device for everyone. It is our belief that if each family can own one, each and everyone of the family member will be very healthy as each is able to prevent future diseases or heal many existing chronic diseases. Everyone needs it and the world need it. As such, we are looking for international distributors outside Japan to help us market our products to your prospective clients in your country. The Onnetsuki and CaOn are classified as medical therapy devices for the homes in Japan.

At our headquarter in Japan, we focus on the development and production of top quality devices and products. In the field of sales and marketing, we cooperate with local or regional distributors on a long-term basis. We provide them with necessary training so that they are able to bring out the goodness of our therapeutic devices to their clients.

If you are in the business of providing holistic therapy to your clients and patients, or in the business of distributing health-related or wellness products, we welcome you to speak with us. We can help you see how our products can be integrated into your present environment.

Since we have been developing and producing the Onnetsuki, CaOn and other products since 1990’s, we offer not only our vast professional experience but also top quality, support for promotions to make your business grow.

We have gotten many representatives in North America, Europe and Asia, but we need more to reach the whole world. Contact us if you are interested to represent us in your country or city.