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Mitsui Onnetsu International was set up as a channel to propagate the teachings of Dr Tomeko Mitsui and the use of her invention, the Mitsui Onnetsuki, internationally. Dr Mitsui spent many years researching on the best way to treat and cure chronic illnesses. The Mitsui Onnetsuki far-infrared therapy device was her brainchild in the early 80’s to replace the old moxibustion of traditional Chinese medicine. She wanted it to be more convenient, more powerful with less side effects. Although moxibustion was a very good therapy method to input heat into the body (of patients), it had many side effects: accidental burning of skin, and the discharge of toxic fumes as the result of moxa burning.

Our Services


All qualified therapists using the Mitsui Onnetsuki device to provide services to their patients or clients are known as Mitsui Onnetsu therapists.

DIY Handle

The Mitsui Onnetsu DIY Handle works with MI-02, MI-03 and MI-04 perfectly well. When used appropriately,

Mugen Cream

Mugen Cream is the latest addition to our list of products.

Mugen Gel

Mugen Gel works perfectly with all the versions of Mitsui Onnetsukis